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When your claim has been denied, you have just 60 days in which to appeal. It is critical that you act immediately call me at 920-254-7171 today.


Winning an appeal is not guaranteed but having a knowledgeable ally on your side can help you succeed.

If you have been rejected by Social Security call the office of Mark Wurtz.


Attorney Mark Wurtz has the experience of practice in Social Security Disability law to handle your case.

Your ally in fighting a Social Security claim denial

Act now to prevent losing your right to appeal

My experience in navigating the complexities of Social Security Disability

Insurance and Supplemental Security Income cases work to your advantage.


With my guidance I can help you through this frustrating process.

Skilled in helping you claim your benefits

When you work with me on your Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income appeal, you can expect personal attention throughout the process. If physical or mental limitations keep you from working, Attorney Wurtz will provide outstanding assistance.

Standing by your side through Social Security appeals

  • Determining which social security benefits you qualify for.

  • Completing the required documentation, forms, and other paperwork

  • Contact your doctor(s) to obtain medical records and individualized reports confirming your limitations and disabilities

  • Asstiting you in arranging for vocational evaluations and medical exams if additional documentation is required

  • Requesting a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge

  • Preparing you and your case for hearing

  • Representing you at the hearing, including presenting evidence to support your claim and questioning any expert witnesses who have been called to testify

  • Reopening any previous applications for benefits in order to pursue the largest possible lump sum payment

  • Reviewing the Social Security Administration's benefits calculations

  • Continuing your appeal as far as necessary, including all administrative levels and Federal court

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